There is a lot going on along Shoal Creek! Scroll down to read about the many recent City of Austin improvement projects along the Creek.


Shoal Creek Flood Mitigation Study
Shoal Creek Watershed

The Shoal Creek Flood Mitigation Study is an important City of Austin-led initiative that will assess various approaches to flood mitigation in the Shoal Creek watershed (specifically between 15th Street and Lady Bird Lake), how well they may reduce flooding, and implicit challenges with their implementation and cost. The Conservancy assisted with stakeholder outreach for the first meeting, which was held in March 2017 with approximately 90 attendees. The project will be complete in 2018 with the next public meeting anticipated in Fall 2018. Read more on the City’s website.

New Central Library
710 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

The City of Austin’s New Central Library has been described as the first “library for the future” in the United States. It features flexible and blended spaces that encourage reading, studying, and learning. It also houses a landmark public gathering space and a gallery space for local and national artists. Visitors may enjoy fresh air while on the reading porches overlooking Shoal Creek and Lady Bird Lake, and take in views of downtown and south Austin from the rain garden located on the library roof.

Shoal Creek Restoration Project
15th to 28th Street, Austin, Texas

This recently completed creek restoration project includes stabilization of approximately 3,000 linear feet of the creek bank. As part of this project, the City of Austin relocated wastewater lines away from the creek bed, provided stormwater treatment for water quality by installing infiltration areas and vegetated swales, and restored native habitat along the creek. The project also included a rain meadow to capture and retain stormwater runoff at Custer’s Meadow in Pease Park as well as a new trail surface and bike underpass at 24th Street. Click here to read more about this project.

Seaholm Substation Screen Wall
3rd Street & West Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701

This Art Wall is designed to protect the public, secure the power substation, and feature art as an activator of urban infrastructure. Artists of this project include Nader Tehrani, Dan Gallagher and architecture firm NADAAA.

The “Gap” Trail Project
5th Street to West Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701

A new Shoal Creek bicycle and pedestrian trail is under construction between 5th Street and West Avenue to connect a 0.12 mile gap in the trail created during the 1981 flood. Included in this project is the relocation of a wastewater line that goes through the creek, a chilled water line, and bank stabilization through the use of wall structures. This project will include trail lighting as well as a shared use bridge at 4th Street and Rio Grande.  This project was completed in April 2018.

Butterfly Bridge
2nd Street Bridge, Austin, Texas 78701

Also known as 2nd Street Bridge, the Butterfly Bridge was constructed in conjunction with the city’s New Central Library. Designed by Touchstone Architecture, it is a clear span bridge with no permanent supports in the waters of Shoal Creek. Its wings are canted to look like the wings of a butterfly. The Butterfly Bridge extends 2nd Street from San Antonio to West Avenue, connecting the street grid in downtown Austin.