Come join us for an informative historical tour with Dr. Kevin Anderson. He’ll be speaking on “Shoal Creek in the Anthropocene: the Natural and Unnatural History of an Urban Waterway”. Anyone who wants to learn more about how humans have impacted Shoal Creek over time, as well as the natural developments should join us. All knowledge levels are welcome! This is a two-hour tour, so kids with longer attention spans, as well as well-behaved dogs are welcome.
Dr. Kevin Anderson is from the Austin Water Center for Environmental Research (CER). For more information visit the CER website or their Facebook page linked below.
We’ll meet at the northern edge of Pease Park, at the intersection of 24th Street and the Shoal Creek Trail


February 16th, 2019
10:00AM - 12:00PM


Northern Pease Park, Shoal Creek Trail @ 24th Street

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