Creekside Neighbors

The Creekside Neighbors Program provides residents living within the watershed and along Shoal Creek with the tools and resources they need to take an active role in improving Shoal Creek’s water quality.

Residents now have virtual access to a variety of public resources and technical guidance provided by the City of Austin, as well as options and rebates that homeowners can take advantage of to help solve these water challenges. Creekside and watershed neighbors can also fill out a request form to borrow supplies from Shoal Creek Conservancy to host their own neighborhood cleanups.

The Shoal Creek watershed is home to more than 72,000 Austinites, and each homeowner within the watershed has a unique opportunity to directly impact Shoal Creek’s water quality.

Shoal Creek was once home to popular swimming holes and through this program, we aim to lay the groundwork for Austinites to again think of Shoal Creek as a safe, free place to fish, swim and cool off during our hot summer months.

Visit the Creekside Neighbors page to learn more

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Duncan Park
9th Street Bridge

Duncan Park serves as an entry point to the Shoal Creek Trail and is home to the 9th Street BMX Park, beautiful heritage oak trees, and a colony of bats under the 9th Street Bridge. The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department is currently implementing improvements to the park.

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Cypress & Shoal Creek Public Space Strategy
3rd Street

The Cypress and Shoal Creek Public Space Strategy is a partnership between Shoal Creek Conservancy and the Downtown Austin Alliance to improve safety, access, and connectivity for people on foot and bike in the area around Shoal Creek and 3rd Street.

This area is a gateway to important destinations for Austinites citywide, such as the Central Library and the Butler Trail. To ensure that all Austinites can visit these places, we must make it easier and safer to reach this area by foot, bike, or bus, and make it simpler to navigate once you have arrived. The name is a nod to the historical nomenclature for Austin’s east-west running streets, originally named after trees. What we now know as 3rd Street was originally known as Cypress Street.

​​Located on the cusp of Shoal Creek’s confluence with the Colorado River, the Cypress & Shoal Creek area is home to two major crosstown pathways: the Shoal Creek Trail, which runs north-south, and the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, which runs east-west. The Public Space Strategy proposes improvements to enhance and clarify these pathways. 

We’re thrilled to share the latest visions for Cypress & Shoal Creek as of December 2021: concept designs guided by a yearlong community and stakeholder input process. 

Cypress & Shoal Creek Executive Summary

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Shoal Creek Trail Plan

The culmination of a year-long public process spearheaded by SCC in partnership with the City of Austin, the Trail Plan represents a collective vision for the future of the Shoal Creek corridor crafted by 75+ community stakeholder groups. The Trail Plan envisions a seamless, connected pathway along the entire 11-mile Shoal Creek corridor from Lady Bird Lake all the way to the Northern Walnut Creek Trail, integrating Shoal Creek into a citywide network of urban trails.

Visit the Trail Plan page to learn more

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Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan

The Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan (SCWAP) represents the beginning of a decades-long effort to restore the community’s ability to fish, swim and play safely in Shoal Creek. Under SCC’s leadership, environmental professionals and community stakeholders worked together to identify science-based, actionable steps to improve water quality, halt erosion, restore native habitat, and more.

Visit the Watershed Action Plan page to learn more

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Riparian Restoration

Shoal Creek Conservancy partners with community members and organizations to complete riparian restoration projects throughout the watershed. These restoration projects aim to improve water quality, reduce erosion and habitat loss, increase biodiversity, and more along Shoal Creek!

Visit the Riparian Restoration page to learn more

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Wood Street Historic Settlement
Near 702 Wood Street, Along Shoal Creek Banks

The Wood Street Historic Settlement along Shoal Creek is a unique historic site located in downtown Austin. The settlement originated as a community where formerly enslaved peoples made their homes in Austin after the end of the Civil War. Later, working­ class Mexican American families built their lives here in the early 20th century. The settlement is located on the west bank of Shoal Creek off of Wood Street near the intersection of Lamar Boulevard and West 6th Street. Shoal Creek Conservancy and a team of volunteers successfully applied for an Undertold Marker from the Texas Historical Commission or the Wood Street Settlement. The marker is located along 6th Street just west of the 6th Street Bridge over Shoal Creek.

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Shoal Creek Tours

Every fall and spring, Shoal Creek Conservancy hosts the popular Shoal Creek Tours to educate Austinites about the creek’s unique natural and historic treasures. Tour topics cover a large range of topics from geology, birding, tree identification and so much more!

Check out our upcoming tour schedule!

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1887 West 6th Street Bridge Restoration
6th Street Bridge at Shoal Creek

Shoal Creek Conservancy is spearheading the restoration of the historic West 6th Street Bridge over Shoal Creek. Built by hand in 1887, the triple-arched limestone bridge is located just steps east of the intersection of Lamar Boulevard and West 6th Street. The bridge predates the Texas Capitol Building and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a City of Austin local historic landmark.

The bridge today remains in use but in desperate need of rehabilitation and tribute to its distinct history. In 2015, SCC commissioned the 1887 West Sixth Street Bridge at Shoal Creek Restoration Study, a roadmap for rehabilitation of the bridge. The study revealed critical structural issues and resulted in emergency repair work by the City of Austin. Although the repairs addressed immediate safety concerns, further repairs are needed to ensure the bridge’s long-term structural integrity. Landscaping, lighting, and other amenities are also needed to enhance safety and complete the bridge as a community meeting point.

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Volunteer Service Days

Shoal Creek Conservancy engages the community in improving the Shoal Creek Trail and parks located along the greenway through volunteer workdays. Specific volunteer activities range from general maintenance activities, such as the removal of litter and recyclables from Shoal Creek, to long-term improvement projects, such as invasive species removal, tree plantings, and native species propagation.

Check out our upcoming volunteer opportunities!

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City + Water – International Showcase

City + Water is an international showcase of innovative stormwater management and flood mitigation. With case studies ranging in geography from Singapore to Denmark, and in status from operational to design concept, the showcase was compiled by the Shoal Creek Conservancy to inspire discussion within the community in advance of two key Shoal Creek watershed studies commencing in 2017: the Shoal Creek Flood Mitigation Study and the Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan. Download a PDF version of the City + Water showcase.

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