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Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan
Shoal Creek Watershed

Shoal Creek Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Austin and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State, leads a public-private initiative to create a community-driven watershed action plan. The goal of the Watershed Action Plan is to restore and protect Shoal Creek, providing a path to resilient, healthy and safe waterway. It will build on findings from the City’s Shoal Creek Flood Mitigation Study and address water quality, erosion, habitat, and spring flow challenges. The plan will be the first watershed-specific plan in the City of Austin and serve as a model for urban watershed restoration. Learn more . Support the plan here.

1887 Historic West 6th Street Bridge Restoration Project
6th Street Bridge at Shoal Creek

Shoal Creek Conservancy is spearheading restoration of the historic West 6th Street Bridge over Shoal Creek. The bridge is located in the heart of Austin, just steps east of the intersection of Lamar Boulevard and West 6th Street. Built by hand in 1887, the triple-arched limestone bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as a result of Conservancy advocacy. Surviving 130 years of wear and tear, the bridge today remains in use, but in desperate need of rehabilitation and tribute to its distinct history. As Austin grows, car, truck, bike and foot traffic have increased over the bridge deck, giving rise to concerns about the structural integrity of the bridge. In its current state, flood risk further threatens the longevity of the bridge.

In 2015, the Conservancy commissioned the 1887 West Sixth Street Bridge at Shoal Creek Restoration Study, a roadmap for rehabilitation of the bridge. The study revealed critical structural issues, and resulted in emergency repair work by the City of Austin. The repairs addressed immediate safety concerns, but certain repairs are still needed to support increased traffic on the bridge deck and ensure the long-term integrity of the bridge. Landscaping, lighting and other amenities are also needed to complete the bridge as a community meeting point.

Cypress and Shoal Creek Project / 1925 Trestle
3rd Street

Shoal Creek Conservancy is spearheading the transformation of the Shoal Creek Trail from West Avenue to approximately 2nd Street. This area will soon become the new “main at main” for pedestrians in downtown with the opening of the new Central Library, the Independent condo building, new commercial buildings and a hotel. In order to meet this anticipated increased use, the vision includes a new public plaza at the 1927 trestle, an improved bike and pedestrian pathway across the creek, and visitor information and signage. Email us for more information.

Shoal Creek Trail: Vision to Action Plan
Shoal Creek Watershed

Shoal Creek Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Austin and fellow Austinites, is leading the creation the Shoal Creek Trail: Vision to Action Plan. This community-developed plan will guide improvements to the existing Shoal Creek trail and extension of the trail northward past 183. The Shoal Creek Trail currently runs 3.25 miles from Lady Bird Lake to 38th Street. When complete, the new Trail will span over 10 miles and link destinations such as the Northern Walnut Creek Trail, the Domain, the University of Texas, and Downtown Austin, while providing opportunities to enjoy the creek’s natural and historic treasures along the way.

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Wood Street Historic Settlement
Near 702 Wood Street, Along Shoal Creek Banks

The Wood Street Historic Settlement along Shoal Creek is a unique historic site located in downtown Austin. The settlement originated as a community where formerly enslaved peoples made their homes in Austin after the end of the Civil War. Later, working­ class Mexican American families built their lives here in the early 20th century. The settlement is located on the west bank of Shoal Creek off of Wood Street near the intersection of Lamar Boulevard and West 6th Street. Shoal Creek Conservancy and a team of volunteers successfully applied for an Undertold Marker from the Texas Historical Commission or the Wood Street Settlement. The marker is located along 6th Street just west of the 6th Street Bridge over Shoal Creek.

Shoal Creek Channel Maintenance Study
Shoal Creek - 15th to Lady Bird Lake

Following the Memorial Day Flood of 2015, Shoal Creek Conservancy commissioned engineering firm Alan Plummer Associates to evaluate the potential floodplain level reductions resulting from removing gravel, sediment bars and woody vegetation growing in the bottom of Shoal Creek between 15th Street and Lady Bird Lake. The study suggests the “shoals” of Shoal Creek are not playing a significant role in the flooding of Shoal Creek, but it does cast a suspect glance at bridges as major players. To read the entire Shoal Creek Debris and Sediment Inventory, 15th Street to Lady Bird Lake, Project Summary – Technical Memorandum report and a complete list of findings and recommendations, click here.

City + Water – International Showcase
Shoal Creek Watershed

City + Water is an international showcase of innovative stormwater management and flood mitigation. With case studies ranging in geography from Singapore to Denmark, and in status from operational to design concept, the showcase was compiled by the Shoal Creek Conservancy to inspire discussion within the community in advance of two key Shoal Creek watershed studies commencing in 2017: the Shoal Creek Flood Mitigation Study and the Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan. Visit the online showcase here. Download a PDF version of the showcase here.