Transforming Austin’s Oldest Hike & Bike Trail

The Shoal Creek Trail Plan is a community-driven vision for the future of the Shoal Creek Trail, guided by the active participation of 100+ community stakeholder groups.

The Trail Plan envisions a seamless series of hike and bike trails throughout the 11-mile Shoal Creek corridor that connects to other urban trails and is safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.

The Trail Plan outlines dozens of improvement projects to move the Plan from vision to reality. Since the Trail Plan’s release in 2018, the City of Austin has been hard at work implementing the Plan’s proposed improvements.

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In Progress
  • Pilot trail connection at the trail gap between 31st-34th Streets
  • Cypress & Shoal Creek Public Space Strategy: concept designs to improve the Shoal Creek Trail and neighboring public places in the area around 3rd Street and Shoal Creek
  • Bicycle/pedestrian underpass at the intersection of 2222 & Shoal Creek Boulevard
  • Trail lighting under the historic 6th Street Bridge

Upcoming Priorities
  1. Connect Shoal Creek Trail to the Northern Walnut Creek and Red Line Trails, ultimately connecting it to the planned 30-mile “Big Loop” of trails and bikeways traversing the city
  2. Improve trail safety in Seiders Springs Park
  3. Plan new urban trail to restore connectivity through landslide site at 24th-29th Streets
  4. Create connective route & improvements between Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and Lance Armstrong Bikeway via Shoal Creek Trail
  5. Add trash cans, pet waste stations, and bridge lighting trail-wide

Improvements Completed Since 2019:
  • Trail-wide wayfinding signage
  • 5.5-mile protected bikeway along Shoal Creek Boulevard from 38th Street to Highway 183
  • Safer crossings for trail users at 34th Street, 38th Street, 45th Street, Hancock Drive, and Foster Lane
  • 12 new mid-block pedestrian crossings on Shoal Creek Boulevard
  • 3 new rain gardens along the Shoal Creek Boulevard bikeway
  • Structural repairs to the trail between 5th-6th Streets

Cypress & Shoal Creek Public Space Strategy
3rd Street

The Cypress and Shoal Creek Public Space Strategy is a partnership between Shoal Creek Conservancy and the Downtown Austin Alliance to improve safety, access, and connectivity for people on foot and bike in the area around Shoal Creek and 3rd…Read More

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Duncan Park
9th Street Bridge

Duncan Neighborhood Park serves as an entry point to the Shoal Creek Trail and is home to the 9th Street BMX Park, beautiful heritage oak trees, and a colony of bats under the 9th Street Bridge. The City of Austin…Read More

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Wood Street Historic Settlement
Near 702 Wood Street, Along Shoal Creek Banks

The Wood Street Historic Settlement along Shoal Creek is a unique historic site located in downtown Austin. The settlement originated as a community where formerly enslaved peoples made their homes in Austin after the end of the Civil War. Later,…Read More

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1887 West 6th Street Bridge Restoration
6th Street Bridge at Shoal Creek

Shoal Creek Conservancy is spearheading the restoration of the historic West 6th Street Bridge over Shoal Creek. Built by hand in 1887, the triple-arched limestone bridge is located just steps east of the intersection of Lamar Boulevard and West 6th…Read More

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Shoal Creek Tours

Shoal Creek Conservancy hosts popular, monthly trail tours that are free and open to the public. These tours help introduce the community to the creek and trail and educate attendees about the unique natural and historic treasures found within. They…Read More

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Volunteer Service Days

Shoal Creek Conservancy engages the community in improving the Shoal Creek Trail and parks located along the greenway through volunteer workdays. Specific volunteer activities range from general maintenance activities, such as the removal of litter and recyclables from Shoal Creek,…Read More

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