Headwaters Circle

When donors make annual contributions of at least $1,000 they become members of SCC’s Headwaters Giving Circle. Annual contributions can be made either as a one-time gift or through monthly recurring donations of at least $84.

Headwaters members receive special access to ongoing developments in the watershed. They receive invitations to exclusive events and are able to connect with the Conservancy’s extensive network of community stakeholders.

This access to on-the-ground developments along Shoal Creek gives our Headwaters Circle members the opportunity to get more involved and be more than just donors, but rather ambassadors for all of our important work.

Join Headwaters Circle



  • Invitations to exclusive SCC events, including behind-the-scenes receptions
  • Annual Headwaters Circle tour of Shoal Creek
  • Shoal Creek Conservancy t-shirt, hat and other swag (Please email us to arrange delivery, [email protected])


Contributions from Headwaters Circle members sustain the Conservancy’s annual operating funds and support these ongoing efforts:

  • Twice-monthly volunteer cleanups to beautify and improve the quality of the Creek and Trail
  • Dedicated, long term restoration projects at a growing number of riparian sites along Shoal Creek
  • Monthly educational tours open to all Austinites
  • Community-driven projects outlined in the Shoal Creek Trail Plan and Watershed Action Plan

For more information on the Headwaters Circle please contact Ivey Kaiser, Executive Director, at [email protected].