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The Shoal Creek watershed has approximately 72,000 residents, and land is largely dominated by single-family and commercial uses.  Each homeowner within the watershed (see map below) has a unique opportunity to directly impact Shoal Creek’s water quality. Not sure where to start? The City of Austin has many resources to help you conserve water, catch water, sustainably care for your lawns via the Grow Green Program, and a variety of rebates, grants, and free landscaping items to help you implement green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) and create an earth-wise garden.

Shoal Creek suffers from several interrelated water issues that can be significantly improved by each individual making small changes. Over half of the watershed is covered by impervious surfaces, which causes rapid stormwater runoff into Shoal Creek, carrying with it pollutants like canine fecal matter, fertilizer, oil, grease, and other types of urban runoff.  This impervious cover within the watershed leads to extreme flooding events.  Homeowners can mitigate flooding and pollution along the corridor by building structures that slow the flow, capture, and filter water on their property to keep more water on the land. They can also help prevent erosion and flooding by creating Grow Zones made of native plants and trees that will help return the creek to its natural state.



Do you live alongside Shoal Creek and have you noticed litter or recyclables in the creek? We are here to help via our Creekside Neighbors Cleanup Program!

Creekside Neighbors Cleanup Program

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Seed Ball Kit Program

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