Check the options below and give to Shoal Creek Conservancy in the way that works best for you!


Restore, protect and enhance Shoal Creek.

Your donation will help to improve, extend, and connect the Shoal Creek Trail, restore water quality, and empower community members to steward their local Creek.

Recurring Donations

Setting up a monthly or annually recurring donation is a great way to ensure a solid foundation of support for Shoal Creek. Donating just a few dollars per month or year makes a huge impact over time!


Pledge to Donate

Make a three-year annually recurring pledge to support the Conservancy

Headwaters Circle

Join Shoal Creek’s Wellspring of Support

Shoal Creek Conservancy donors who make an annual gift of $1,000 or more become members of the Headwaters Circle. A Headwaters membership offers inside access to ongoing Shoal Creek projects and the opportunity to connect with others who are invested in the Creek’s future. Membership benefits include exclusive guided hikes along the Creek, an annual coffee reception to get early, behind-the-scenes info on Shoal Creek Conservancy project updates, special recognition at the Shoal Creek Awards event and in publications, and a Shoal Creek t-shirt!

Join the Headwaters Circle by making a monthly recurring donation of at $84+ each month, making a three-year pledge of $1,000+/year, or making a one-time gift of $1,000+.

Join Headwaters Circle  Pledge to Donate

Corporate Sponsorship

Partner with us to make your mark on Shoal Creek!

Community businesses are part of the fabric of the Shoal Creek watershed. Your investment makes you a part of the community that helps Shoal Creek to thrive!

Whether you are interested in achieving on-the-ground results in a specific area of the Shoal Creek Watershed, employee team-building, or exposure to our diverse base of supporters, we will work with you to customize a partnership that suits your needs! To learn more, please contact Nina Rinaldi, Development Coordinator, at [email protected].

Shoal Creek Social

Party on Shoal Creek!

Each spring, the Shoal Creek community gathers at the Shoal Creek Social event to celebrate local heroes who make the Creek cleaner, safer, and more beautiful. Guests enjoy appetizers and beverages provided by local restaurants, live music, and the opportunity to meet new people and mingle with old friends.

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