Help us rejuvenate Shoal Creek. We can do it together!

There are a variety of ways you can help:

Volunteer Work Days
One of the best ways you can help improve Shoal Creek is by lending a hand at one of our volunteer work days. Throughout the year, our fearless volunteers roll up their sleeves and get to work on trash pick-up, graffiti removal, seed planting, invasive species removal, and many other projects. Volunteer work days are open to anyone willing to get a little dirty to make a big difference. Check out our upcoming work days here.

Report Pollution

We are Shoal Creek’s eyes and ears, and the City of Austin wants to hear from us. If you see pollution or spills along the trail or waterway, report them immediately by calling the City’s 24-hour pollution hotline at 512-974-2550. Graffiti, dumping and other issues can be reported by completing a service request online or calling 3-1-1. It only takes a second but can make a world of difference!

Share your own volunteer ideas!

Is there a specific Shoal Creek project you’d like to tackle? Do you have a set of skills that you’d be willing to share?

We’re always looking for new ways to showcase Shoal Creek and promote community engagement with our initiatives.

Have an idea for the Conservancy? Drop us an email here.

Shoal Creek Ambassadors

The Shoal Creek Ambassadors serve as the Conservancy’s citizen leaders in the Austin community. These volunteers help lead our volunteer service days, plan activities to encourage connectivity between different parts of the watershed, dream up creative new ideas to keep Shoal Creek accessible and inclusive, and more! If you’re interested in getting involved and meeting new people who also love urban green space, email Shoal Creek Ambassadors Chair Jonathan Pearson at [email protected].

Shoal Creek Awards Committee

Help Plan the Shoal Creek Awards

This volunteer committee is responsible for producing the Shoal Creek Awards, the Conservancy’s major annual fundraising and community event. If you enjoy throwing a great party, this is the group for you! To get involved, please contact Michelle Slattery, the 2018 Shoal Creek Awards Chair, at [email protected].

Shoal Creek Development Committee

Join the Shoal Creek Development Committee to help the Conservancy develop sustainable sources of support for its mission. If you want to be involved in ensureing we can continually improve Shoal Creek for years to come, this is volunteer opportunity for you! To get involved, please contact Nina Rinaldi, Development Coordinator at [email protected].

Shoal Creek Historic Bridges Committee

The Shoal Creek Historic Bridges Committee promotes the protection and preservation of the historic bridges along Shoal Creek by providing interpretation, designation and conservation in support of the broader mission and vision of the Shoal Creek Conservancy. Current members include Chair Charles Peveto, Ted Lee Eubanks, Kitty Henderson, Lisa Hart, Larry McGinniss, Chris Riley, Kate Singleton, Bob Ward and Michelle Slattery as well as Kim McNight as the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department representative and Janae Spence as the City of Austin Public Works Department representative. To learn more and join the Committee, please contact [email protected].