Volunteer Events Dashboard

Since 2013 Shoal Creek Conservancy has relied on the passion, creativity and dedication of its volunteers in many ways. Our Volunteer Events Dashboard illustrates the hard work and accomplishments of SCC volunteers in recent years during cleanups, riparian restoration workdays, rain garden workdays and more. Marvel at their efforts and impact throughout the Shoal Creek watershed, and let that inspire you to join us at an upcoming event.

SCC Volunteer Events Dashboard

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Volunteer Workdays

Photo by Bella Knoth

One of the best ways you can help improve Shoal Creek is by lending a hand at one of our volunteer workdays. Throughout the year, our fearless volunteers roll up their sleeves and get to work on trash pickup, planting, seeding, invasive species removal, and many other projects. Volunteer work days are open to anyone willing to get a little dirty to make a big difference.

Pictures from previous events

Register for an upcoming workday

Interested in volunteering with a group? Please email [email protected] with your group details.

Interested in volunteering with a corporate group? Please contact us about arranging a Custom Workday for your team.


Unique Volunteer Opportunities

Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media since we often seek volunteers for unique opportunities through those platforms.


Report Pollution

We are Shoal Creek’s eyes and ears, and the City of Austin wants to hear from us. If you see pollution or spills along the trail or waterway, report them immediately by calling the City’s 24-hour pollution hotline at 512-974-2550.

Also, consult our list of resources for reporting other issues such as graffiti, litter, dumping and vegetation overgrowth.


Share your own volunteer ideas!

Is there a specific Shoal Creek project you’d like to tackle? Do you have a set of skills that you’d be willing to share? (Examples include but are not limited to photography, trail maintenance, graphic design, marketing, etc.)

We’re always looking for new ways to showcase Shoal Creek and promote community engagement, so send us an email at [email protected] with your ideas.