Join Shoal Creek Conservancy and Travis Audubon Society as we enjoy a springtime birding walk at Beverly Sheffield Northwest District Park. We will explore the main portion of the park around the pond and playground, then move south toward Park Street and the open section of Shoal Creek at the end of the Park. We will hope to enjoy good views of year-round residents including Green Herons, Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Red-Shouldered Hawks, various woodpeckers, and the usual Hill country songbirds such as titmice, chickadees, and Northern Cardinals. Additionally, we will be on the lookout for late-season migrating warblers, various flycatchers, and swallows. We never know exactly what we will see! 

Beginners, as well as experienced birders, are welcome. We will not have equipment to share but it is still possible to bird if you do not own a pair of binoculars. Not all portions of the planned route are easily accessible to those with mobility challenges, but the main portion of the park and playground area are. We can make adjustments in our route if necessary! Restrooms are available at the playground, but soap may not be stocked so consider bringing hand sanitizer.  Although the trip will be relatively short both in duration and walking distance please bring water or snacks, if you desire, and wear appropriate footwear.  Keep track of the weather because you all know how quickly the weather can change in central Texas!

We will meet at the playground in front of the restrooms at 7:30 am.  Registration will open on 5/7/21 and is limited to 8 people.

All participants will be required to wear masks, maintain social distance, and refrain from sharing equipment with people outside their household. Please DO NOT attend if you have a fever, cough, any other symptoms of illness, or if you have had a known exposure to Covid-19 within the preceding two weeks.
Interested? Register below on Friday, May 7th!



May 22nd, 2021
7:30am - 9:30am


The Shoal Creek Trail