The Creekside Neighbors Program provides residents living within the watershed and along Shoal Creek with the tools and resources they need to take an active role in improving Shoal Creek’s water quality.

Residents now have virtual access to a variety of public resources and technical guidance provided by the City of Austin, as well as options and rebates that homeowners can take advantage of to help solve these water challenges. Creekside and watershed neighbors can also fill out a request form to borrow supplies from Shoal Creek Conservancy to host their own neighborhood cleanups.

The Shoal Creek watershed is home to more than 72,000 Austinites, and each homeowner within the watershed has a unique opportunity to directly impact Shoal Creek’s water quality.

Shoal Creek was once home to popular swimming holes and through this program, we aim to lay the groundwork for Austinites to again think of Shoal Creek as a safe, free place to fish, swim and cool off during our hot summer months.

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