Riparian Restoration Projects

September 2021 – May 2022

In partnership with the Junior League of Austin, Shoal Creek Conservancy is conducting a riparian restoration project in Seiders Springs Park. The focus of this project will address common issues seen along Shoal Creek throughout the watershed.

Seiders Springs Park Riparian Restoration Goals:

  • Reduce erosion by mulching & seeding bare soil and installing a stilling basin 
  • Remove/girdle invasive species, including Elephant ear, Johnson grass, and Ligustrum
  • Increase species diversity by planting Texas natives (sedges, saplings, and seedballs)


Follow our progress

9.18.21 Ligustrum girdling workday.

10.30.21 Elephant Ear & Johnson Grass removal workday. Johnson Grass was replaced with native Gamma grass and Switch grass.

11.13.21  Continued Elephant Ear removal followed by planting Emory Sedge, Jumping Sedge, Spikerush, Horsetail Reed and Blue Mistflower. By Spring 2022, this area will be full of native grasses, and we will continue to manage any Elephant Ear that re-sprouts.