Ten Years and Counting

November 17, 2023  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Since 2013 Shoal Creek Conservancy has been committed to serving Shoal Creek. Our Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan defines a detailed path to improving water quality, and our team and volunteers conduct frequent cleanups and restoration projects to eventually return Shoal Creek to a fishable and swimmable creek. Our Shoal Creek Trail Plan guides how we champion connectivity and accessibility solutions so that the creek and trail remain a place for our entire community to enjoy.


This fall we celebrate TEN YEARS of Shoal Creek Conservancy and look back on our accomplishments impacting both the creek and trail, which include:

  • Creation of the Shoal Creek Trail Plan for a connected, all ages and abilities trail
  • Creation of the Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan for a fishable and swimmable creek
  • Addition of 5.5 miles of the Shoal Creek Trail
  • Installation of directional signage along the full 10 miles of the Shoal Creek Trail
  • Organization of regular creek cleanups, collecting over 11,000 pounds of trash in 2023 alone
  • Hosting monthly riparian restoration work days across five locations
  • Establishment of new Grow Zones along Shoal Creek
  • Installation of four new pet waste stations along Shoal Creek, preventing bacteria pollution
  • Adoption of one Shoal Creek rain garden and three more coming in 2024!
  • Hiring five full time and one part time staff members dedicated to implementing our goals

10 Years of SCC Milestones



In our second decade of operation, we’ll continue to expand the Shoal Creek Trail and improve water quality, starting with these 2024 efforts:

  • Creation of a detailed report of existing and desired Shoal Creek Trail amenities, including shade features, trash receptacles, and access points
  • Advocacy to connect the Shoal Creek Trail to the Northern Walnut Creek Trail
  • Adoption of three new rain gardens along Shoal Creek
  • Continued riparian restoration workdays and creek cleanups
  • Increased cleanups and collaboration with Creekside Neighbors and corporate partners



Shoal Creek Conservancy has been successful the past ten years largely because we are fortunate to be surrounded by a passionate community of actively involved individuals and institutions. We could not have achieved so much already without you, and need your continued support as we move forward into the next stages of project improvements. Help us advance the goals of the Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan and Trail Plan so that Shoal Creek can be enjoyed for many years to come. All donations, regardless of size, contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more accessible Shoal Creek. Thank you!

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