Construction Begins on 6th Street Bridge Projects

July 11, 2024  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Shoal Creek Conservancy is excited to announce the beginning of construction on two important projects in the downtown segment of the Shoal Creek Trail.

Starting in 2016, Shoal Creek Conservancy commissioned a study of the historic West Sixth Street Bridge.

This study identified necessary emergency repairs to the bridge, which have been conducted, and designs for pedestrian improvements on and under the bridge.

In 2017, Shoal Creek Conservancy partnered with the City of Austin’s Transportation and Public Works Department through the Neighborhood Partnering Program to jointly fund these improvements the bridge. 

The latest of these improvements will break ground this week (week of 7/15/24), including installation of lights in the west vault of the bridge over the trail and installation of a masonry parapet along the north sidewalk on the bridge with lighting to illuminate the sidewalk for pedestrians. This project will not only increase the safety of the sidewalk and trail at night but also highlight the masonry of an iconic Austin bridge.

West 6th Street Bridge viewed from the Shoal Creek Trail North of 6th Street. Metal railing to be replaced with stone parapet and sidewalk lighting. Also, trail lighting is to be added under the west vault of the bridge.

In the same area, two aging segments of retaining wall along the Shoal Creek Trail are currently being replaced. The walls are located just south of W 6th Street and just north of W 5th Street along the trail. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department hired a contractor to begin work on these retaining walls, starting the week of July 8, 2024. These retaining walls have been dilapidated for many years and have posed a concern to the safety of the trail/trail users and the health of the creek bank. By replacing these substandard wooden retaining walls with concrete blocks, we can ensure the future safety for trail users and the creek bank’s ability to withstand future flooding events.

Wood retaining wall along the Shoal Creek Trail north of 5th Street that will be replaced with concrete blocks

Dilapidated retaining wall and exposed tree roots along the Shoal Creek Trail south of 6th Street that will be replaced


Construction began on July 9th, 2024 and will complete around mid-September. These projects will involve temporary closures of the Shoal Creek Trail. While the trail is closed, southbound trail users can exit the trail at Duncan Park or 9th Street and follow 9th Street eastward to West Avenue, then take West Ave south to the Shoal Creek Bridge at 4th Street where you can reconnect with the trail. Northbound trail users can exit the Shoal Creek Trail at 4th Street (ADA accessible route) or at the 5th Street Bridge stairs.

We look forward to the completion of these critical trail projects. SCC will continue to provide updates regarding closures and detours as construction progresses. Check back here or on our social media pages to learn the latest news on these projects.