Feb 24

Recap: Third Friday Workday 2/21/2014

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for the Third Friday Workday on February 21! We accomplished so much by removing vines from the railings and cleaning up the area between the 3rd Street pedestrian bridge and West Avenue. These efforts…Read More

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Feb 22

Up the Creek

Members of the Shoal Creek Conservancy board of directors, along with an assortment of friends, toured the upper reaches of Shoal Creek in February. We devoted most of our time to gauging the condition of the creek at various crossings and access points in this northern segment.

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Feb 14

Calling All Shoal Creek Volunteers

We invite you to join the Conservancy for two upcoming volunteer workdays on the trail – It’s My Park Day on March 1 and our first Third Friday Workday and Happy Hour on February 21.

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Feb 08

A City of Few Fountains

Great cities have great public spaces. Great public spaces often have great fountains. Where are Austin’s?

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Feb 02

No Quack, No Waddle, No Duck

If a bird waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, right? Not every bird paddling around Lady Bird Lake or Shoal Creek quacks or waddles, though. If a waterbird isn’t a duck, what is it?

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