Apr 25

The Most Important Place on Earth (even if just passing through)

Bird migration is underway; in fact, the next three weeks are the absolute peak of the spring flights. Shoal Creek may be important to a particular bird only for an hour or two each year. A migrant warbler, for example, only may need to stop and rest for the briefest moment before continuing on their migratory way. Yet, for that briefest of moments, Shoal Creek is the most important place on earth.

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Apr 21

Bamboo Removal and Restoration Project Underway

A new project along Shoal Creek is now underway. The Conservancy is partnering with American YouthWorks Texas Conservation Corps, the City of Austin Watershed Protection and Parks and Recreation departments, the Pease Park Conservancy and local neighborhood residents to remove invasive…Read More

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Apr 18

Blood Moon and Life Renewed

Seasonal changes connect us all, past and present.

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Apr 16

A Busy Three Months at the Conservancy

Yesterday, the Conservancy board met for the third time – marking the end of the first six months of the organization’s life and the end of the second quarter in our first fiscal year (January to March 31, 2014). And…Read More

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Apr 09

A Winter’s Tail

Shoal Creek’s gifts are not episodic or ephemeral. Shoal Creek benefits Austin day after day, year after year. Shoal Creek’s repairs, therefore, must be as resilient and long lasting as the benefits we demand from the creek.

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