Oct 12

Rain Gardens for a Cleaner Shoal Creek

Did you know that rain gardens can filter out up to 90% of the pollutants carried along in stormwater runoff? Rain gardens are low-lying, bowl-shaped gardens designed to catch, absorb, and filter stormwater runoff – and they do valuable work in urban areas like Austin.

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Aug 18

Creekside Neighbors Program – empowering residents within the Shoal Creek watershed

Creekside Neighbors Program provides residents in the Shoal Creek watershed with the resources necessary to help improve Shoal Creek’s water quality Through educational materials and technical guidance, Shoal Creek Conservancy is empowering residents to join its effort to make Shoal…Read More

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Mar 07

Outside-The-Pond Solutions

Creative approaches to flood mitigation with potential in Austin

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Mar 06

‘City + Water’ Showcase Now Available For Download

The City + Water showcase pdf is available for download! Under one cover, you can read all about 10 flood mitigation and stormwater management innovations sourced from around the world; a discussion of Austin’s relationship with water; and the How…Read More

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Mar 03

Critical Thinking: Flood Mitigation

Bringing flood mitigation lessons from abroad home to Austin

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