Jun 12

3rd Street Trestle Celebration

Shoal Creek Conservancy and partners celebrate listing of the 3rd Street Trestle on the National Register of Historic Places The Trestle is poised to play a new role as public pedestrian plaza     AUSTIN, Texas – Shoal Creek Conservancy…Read More

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Oct 15

Is Shoal Creek A Suspect Name?

Could the shoals of Shoal Creek be causing its flooding?

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Sep 01

First Phase of 6th Street Bridge Restoration Project Underway

Fueled by funding from the Burdine Johnson Foundation and the Texas Preservation Trust Fund, Phase One of our West 6th Street Bridge restoration project will kick off on Sunday, September 13th with a laser scan of the 128-year-old structure. The…Read More

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Sep 03

Shedding Light on The Drake Bridge

Illuminating the history of, and bringing better visibility (literally) to, Austin’s high profile Drake Bridge.

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May 22

West Sixth Street Bridge Nominated for National Register

We are pleased to announce that the beautifully handcrafted West 6th Street Bridge over Shoal Creek has been nominated for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Next, the Texas Historical Commission will finalize the application, and the U.S. Park Service will consider the nomination in the coming months.

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