Nov 21

Creating A Resilient Shoal Creek

At this time of the year, we reflect back on a (very) long, dry summer interrupted by a record-breaking flood on Shoal Creek. Times of drought and heavy rainfall each take their toll on our natural spaces. That’s why Shoal…Read More

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Aug 26

Aftermath of the August 2022 Shoal Creek Flood

On Monday, August 22, 2022, a record-breaking downpour dropping nearly five inches of rain in three hours caused Shoal Creek to flood, reaching its highest level since 2015. Numerous photos, videos, and news stories have documented the incredible surge of…Read More

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Jul 15

Ecological Restoration at Seiders Springs

Below a large parking lot and above Shoal Creek’s eastern bank, water spills from a steep limestone bluff and flows overland into the creek. Native elbowbush cascades down the cliff face near the springs, and large live oak and pecan…Read More

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Dec 15

Help Us Plant 1,000 Trees

NATIVE TREE PLANTING ON SHOAL CREEK AT HABITAT RESTORATION SITE Calling all volunteers! Join the Shoal Creek Conservancy, Pease Park Conservancy and the City of Austin on Saturday, January 17, 2015 to plant 1,000 tree seedlings at the bamboo removal…Read More

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May 17

The Decline of America’s Pollinators (and what we can do about it)

Bees are in trouble. Within the Shoal Creek watershed, we should begin with restoring, propagating, conserving, and preserving wild habitat. We can help restore America’s declining pollinators as we restore Shoal Creek!

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