Mar 25

Explore Shoal Creek Parks

The Shoal Creek trail is a great way to get to and from the many parks along Shoal Creek. We have made a list of some of our favorite parks along the Shoal Creek trail so you can decide what…Read More

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Mar 23

The Saga of Seiders’ Springs

Most of the area bordering Shoal Creek has long been developed, and most of the springs along Shoal Creek have disappeared. Yet Seiders’ Oaks remain, and people from surrounding businesses often picnic in their shade with little knowledge of the events that transpired here.

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Mar 13

Early Spring Along Shoal Creek

We are between seasons. We have arrived at that time of year when we miss complaining about the heat. Winter’s done; spring’s brief appearance has been announced.

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Mar 07

#PhotoFriday: Eeyore’s Birthday at Pease Park

  This #PhotoFriday snap comes by way of Ted Lee Eubanks and his 2011 visit to Eeyore’s Birthday Party at Pease Park. There may be no better exuberant display of Austin’s lovable eccentricity than right here at this annual celebration. Fun fact:…Read More

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Mar 03

It’s My Park Day 2014: A huge success along Shoal Creek

A great, big THANK YOU to the many volunteers who braved a grey and misty morning to help out with clean-up along Shoal Creek as part of It’s My Park Day 2014. So much work – including bridge repainting, giant…Read More

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