Mar 25

Explore Shoal Creek Parks

The Shoal Creek trail is a great way to get to and from the many parks along Shoal Creek. We have made a list of some of our favorite parks along the Shoal Creek trail so you can decide what…Read More

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Mar 23

The Saga of Seiders’ Springs

Shoal Creek bordered early Austin, and away from downtown the landscape quickly changed from a border to wild. Austin arose in 1839, and soon after Gideon White moved his family to the new capital and built a log cabin near a robust spring on Shoal Creek.

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Mar 13

Early Spring Along Shoal Creek

We are between seasons. We have arrived at that time of year when we miss complaining about the heat. Winter’s done; spring’s brief appearance has been announced.

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Mar 07

PhotoFriday: Eeyore’s Birthday at Pease Park

This month at the Conservancy blog we’re talking parks and our #PhotoFriday snap comes by way of Ted Lee Eubanks and his 2011 visit to Eeyore’s Birthday Party at Pease Park.

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Mar 03

It’s My Park Day 2014: A huge success along Shoal Creek

A great, big “thank you” to the many volunteers who braved a grey and misty morning to help out with clean-up along Shoal Creek as part of It’s My Park Day 2014.

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