Oct 25

Collecting Trash (Data) from Austin Creeks

The City of Austin Watershed Protection Department (WPD) conducted an extensive field study to identify the sources and types of litter in Austin’s creeks, as instructed in a 2020 City Council Resolution directing the city to “prepare a study with…Read More

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May 17

A Commute for the Future

Austin is growing – this we all know. With that comes new neighbors, new additions to the downtown skyline, and – of course – more traffic. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of and you may have voted for…Read More

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May 29

City Reviving Shoal Creek Tunnel Conversation

As the Statesman’s Marty Toohey reported yesterday, the City, in the wake of the Memorial Day floods, is once again eyeing the idea of a Shoal Creek flood control tunnel which would redirect floodwaters under Lamar Boulevard to Lady Bird Lake instead of overland and through the commercial district south of House Park.

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Jan 25

Is Too Much Water Going Down the Drain?

After last year’s historic drought resulting in extremely low lake levels, when the rains do come, often as flood events, can Austin not only manage the storm water, but possibly save it?

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Dec 31

Ducks in the Desert

Shoal Creek is a waterfowl wasteland. The creek is too narrow and the water is either nonexistent or too shallow. Wood ducks do nest in the cavities in old trees along the creek, but otherwise Shoal Creek is a duck desert. But, you can still see ducks in or near Shoal Creek, you just need visit the headwaters or its mouth.

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