Jan 30

The Ins and Outs of the Austin Water System

Water is an integral part of our daily lives. We use it for a number of reasons ranging from drinking to cleaning to watering our lawns. But, have you ever thought about where this water comes from? Or better yet,…Read More

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Oct 25

Collecting Trash (Data) from Austin Creeks

The City of Austin Watershed Protection Department (WPD) conducted an extensive field study to identify the sources and types of litter in Austin’s creeks, as instructed in a 2020 City Council Resolution directing the city to “prepare a study with…Read More

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Apr 19

The Notorious RBZs

Wild and woolly, lush and green, riparian buffer zones are the vegetated areas along the banks of a creek or river. Specialized assemblages of riparian trees, shrubs, vines, sedges, rushes, grasses, forbs, and ferns grow here, and together the work…Read More

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Apr 28

Spring Along Shoal Creek – April

April along Shoal Creek yields a different set of blooming plants, and new leaves in rich shades of spring green fill out the riparian woodlands. The flowers of Wild Garlic (Allium canadense) can be seen at the edge of woodlands…Read More

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Apr 14

Spring along Shoal Creek – March

Walking the creek this past month and seeing plants waking from winter dormancy has been a grounding, reassuring experience after an unusual year that was capped off by extreme freezing weather at the end of winter. Seasons continue to pass…Read More

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