Oct 24

Understanding Shoal Creek

What are the major challenges facing the Shoal Creek watershed? The highly urban character of the Shoal Creek Watershed presents special challenges and requires a multifaceted approach to addressing water-related issues. Increases in population density and the amount of impervious…Read More

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Dec 31

Ducks in the Desert

Shoal Creek is a waterfowl wasteland. The creek is too narrow and the water is either nonexistent or too shallow. Wood ducks do nest in the cavities in old trees along the creek, but otherwise Shoal Creek is a duck desert. But, you can still see ducks in or near Shoal Creek, you just need visit the headwaters or its mouth.

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May 15

Fail succeeds (with notes from the northwest)

Lake Fail is a product of Watershed Protection, created to detain the storm water that runs off of the various impermeable surfaces in that area. Lake Fail is also part of the headwaters of Shoal Creek. And, it is blooming with unexpected beauty.

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Feb 22

Up the Creek

Members of the Shoal Creek Conservancy board of directors, along with an assortment of friends, toured the upper reaches of Shoal Creek in February. We devoted most of our time to gauging the condition of the creek at various crossings and access points in this northern segment.

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