2022 In Review

January 11, 2023  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the great work that was done along Shoal Creek in the previous year, and there’s a lot to highlight! Thank you for your continued support of the Shoal Creek trail, creek, and watershed to make these successes possible!

Thank you to everyone who donated to make these efforts possible. And thank you for the 2022 donations made graciously in a loved ones’ honor.

2022 Honorees:

  • AIQUEOUS staff anniversaries: Meghan Bock, Julien Botto, Daniel Jamison, Ian Johnston
  • Amy Wanamaker
  • Ashley
  • Brian Greig
  • Eugenio Javier De Hoyos
  • Felicia Pena
  • Helen Bownds
  • Jennifer Lueckemeyer
  • Joe & Jill Wanamaker
  • Joe Sullivan
  • Julia Grim
  • Lulu Jackson
  • Marcia Tashnick
  • Michelle Slattery
  • Mity Myhr
  • Patty Koeninger
  • Robin Rather
  • Skip Smith & Connie Temple
  • Stella Seiders Rowan
  • Ted Siff

Watch for more opportunities to get involved in 2023, and share your support for SCC’s ongoing programs with a 2023 donation.