Shoal Creek Conservancy is in the news!

September 27, 2013  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Check out the September 26 article in Community Impact News, Shoal Creek Shores Up Support from Nonprofit.”

A nonprofit launching Oct. 1 is aiming to turn Shoal Creek back into the “treasure” it once was, project organizers said.

The Shoal Creek Conservancy’s goals include restoring the creek back to a swimmable and fishable resource.

“I see the potential for Shoal Creek to be more than it is. It has beautiful places, but it could be better,” SCC Executive Director Joanna Wolaver said. “It has such an opportunity to do more for the city.”

In addition to making the creek fishable and swimmable, SCC is looking to improve the trail, greenway, parks and watershed along the 11-mile creek. The nonprofit also aims to remove and deter graffiti along the creek.

“We want to make [Shoal Creek] a great place to be and not just something you drive over,” said Ray Canfield, owner of the Shoal Creek Saloon… Read the entire the article online.