Bamboo Removal and Restoration Project Underway

April 21, 2014  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

A new project along Shoal Creek is now underway. The Conservancy is partnering with American YouthWorks Texas Conservation Corps, the City of Austin Watershed Protection and Parks and Recreation departments, the Pease Park Conservancy and local neighborhood residents to remove invasive Golden Bamboo, Phyllostachys aurea, and restore native habitat in an approximately 47,500 square-foot area along the Shoal Creek Greenbelt located between Gaston Avenue and 29th Street.

Photo by Chuck Bargeron Source: The University of Georgia,
Photo by Chuck Bargeron
Source: The University of Georgia,


Golden Bamboo is on the City of Austin’s most wanted list of Top 24 Invasive Species. Native to Southeast China, this species is grown for its ability to provide a visual and noise barrier. However, it spreads rapidly when not contained and aggressively replaces native vegetation and habitat. In the Shoal Creek area, bamboo also creates a hiding place for undesirable behaviors as well as a fire hazard for nearby residential areas.

This project includes herbicide treatments to eliminate the bamboo, installation of a barrier between public and private land, seedling planting and seed scattering to restore native habitat, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance at the site. The first phase of this project will begin soon with a series of herbicide treatments conducted by licensed Texas Conservation Corps applicators. The herbicide application method will follow City protocol to protect the creek. In addition, the herbicide is safe for use near woody species, however, additional precautions (shielding) will be used near existing tree trunks.