Comment on the Austin Urban Trails Draft Plan

February 17, 2023  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

The City of Austin is in the process of updating their Urban Trails, Bicycle, and Sidewalk Plans. These plans will serve as blueprints that guide construction of our trails, bikeways, and sidewalks for years to come. The City is asking for public input on each of these plans through March 20, 2023.

Shoal Creek Conservancy has a set of priorities that we are advocating for based on the 2018 Shoal Creek Trail Plan, as well as ongoing public input and emerging needs.

  1. Connect Shoal Creek Trail to the Northern Walnut Creek and Red Line Trails, ultimately connecting it to the planned 30-mile “Big Loop” of trails and bikeways traversing the city
  2. Improve trail safety in Seiders Springs Park
  3. Plan new urban trail to restore connectivity through landslide site at 24th-29th Streets
  4. Create connective route & improvements between Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and Lance Armstrong Bikeway via Shoal Creek Trail
  5. Add trash cans, pet waste stations, and bridge lighting trail-wide


The following are comments you can make on the Urban Trails Draft Plan 2023 to help ensure that the above priorities get attention. They focus on the “Map of Existing and Proposed Urban Trails” on page 30 of the Draft Plan or page 61 of the Appendices, where Tier 1 = highest priority.

  • The “MoPac Shared Use Path” which would connect from Shoal Creek’s northern trailhead at Highway 183 to the Northwest Walnut Creek Trail, is proposed at Tier 2. As an important link in the Big Loop, this segment should be a Tier 1 priority.
  • The Shoal Creek crossing between 34th and 38th Streets is currently a low-water crossing with right angles that are challenging for bicycles. This crossing is proposed as Tier 2. Improvements to this crossing should be a Tier 1 priority.
  • The Shoal Creek Trail from 24th-30th is currently proposed as Tier 1. Please share your support for this priority! This trail segment will address the area that needs to be reconnected due to the landslide.
  • A Shoal Creek Trail underpass at 3rd Street is currently proposed as Tier 2. This segment should be a Tier 1 priority. This trail segment is a key proposal in the Cypress & Shoal Public Space Strategy, which aims to improve connectivity and safety around 3rd Street and Shoal Creek.
  • Big Loop: The eastern portions of the Big Loop yet to be built, including the MoKan Corridor Trail and the Northern Walnut Creek Trail, are all proposed as Tier 1. Please share your support for this priority!

Comment on Austin Urban Trails Draft Plan through March 20

Thank you!