Community Gardens in the Shoal Creek Watershed

April 10, 2023  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Any piece of land gardened by a group of people is a community garden. Certainly places to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and plants, these green spaces also provide opportunities to connect with neighbors, learn, explore, obtain nature therapy, practice teamwork, and so much more. Spring is a great time to visit or join a community garden, whether it is within the boundaries of the Shoal Creek watershed or elsewhere in Austin.


Community Gardens within the Shoal Creek watershed

Deep Roots Garden

717 Henderson Street (map), near N Lamar Blvd & W 9th Street, directly off the Shoal Creek trail

Deep Roots Garden, April 2023


Transformed from a vacant lot along the banks of Shoal Creek in 2011, Deep Roots Garden began as the dream of a Whole Foods Market Team Member and has become a vibrant community garden project overseen by the Whole Kids Foundation. The garden has 22 plots and the tranquil and inviting space is open for all to enjoy, and occasionally hosts special events.

Contact Nona Evans ([email protected]) for more information.

Deep Roots Garden, April 2023

North Shoal Creek Community Garden

3025 Crosscreek Drive (map), at the northwest corner of Pillow Elementary grounds & Flagstone Drive

North Shoal Creek Community Garden, April 2023


Opened in 2018 with assistance from an Austin Parks Foundation Community Grant, the North Shoal Creek Community Garden began as a discussion between members of the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association and the principal of Pillow Elementary School in early summer 2016. The garden has 22 plots, with priority given to residents of North Shoal Creek, and the harvest of some dedicated plots is donated to Pillow Elementary students.

Find more information at the North Shoal Creek Community Garden website.

North Shoal Creek Community Garden, April 2023

Murchison Community Garden

7010 Hart Lane (map), on the east side of Murchison Middle School grounds

Murchison Community Garden, April 2023


Located next to the Murchison Middle School garden and nearly doubling the size of the overall gardening area, the Murchison Community Garden, established in 2021, has 25 plots that are tended by both students and neighbors, reserving a number of plots for low income or food insecure families. Its goals are to cultivate a sense of community in Northwest Hills, create sustainable gardening practices, support learning through collaboration, and provide for people in need.

Email [email protected] or join the Murchison Community Garden Facebook Group for more information.

Murchison Community Garden, April 2023


Community Gardens just outside the Shoal Creek watershed

Clarksville Community Garden

1705 Waterston Avenue (map), behind the historic Haskell House near Waterston Avenue & Woodlawn Blvd

A project of the local community and the Clarksville Community Development Corporation, the Clarksville Community Garden was founded in 2004 with 23 plots as a cooperative effort of the City of Austin, American Youth Works, the Clarksville Neighborhood Association, and residents to restore and improve the historic Haskell House grounds, and was installed on the same site where a neighborhood garden flourished decades ago.

Contact the Clarksville Community Garden coordinator for more information.

Sunshine Community Gardens

4814 Sunshine Drive (map), near N Lamar Blvd & W 49th Street

In existence since 1979, Sunshine Community Gardens has over 200 plots on about 3 acres of land which is leased from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Sunshine Community Gardens is an all volunteer non-profit organization that grows organic food and flowers, and a number of plots are set aside as designated gardens to grow fresh produce for the Micah 6 Food Bank. It holds an Annual Plant Sale and Benefit each spring to help support garden and equipment maintenance, and to keep their membership fees low.

Find more information at the Sunshine Community Gardens website.


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