Creek Lessons

July 30, 2020  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Learn fun facts about all things Shoal Creek in our series of short videos, Creek Lessons!

Episode 1: Critters at the Creek – Types of Turtles

Episode 2: Janet Fish’s role in building Austin’s oldest hike and bike trail

Episode 3: How Shoal Creek got its name

Episode 4: Shoal Creek lies along the Balcones Fault and divides two bioregions

Episode 5: The urban tree canopy

Episode 6: A large fossil found in Shoal Creek in the 1990s

Episode 7:  Native wildflowers

Episode 8: Critters at the Creek – Sunbathing Turtles

Episode 9: Critters at the Creek – Cicadas

Episode 10: Critters at the Creek – Green Anoles

Episode 11: Critters at the Creek – Bats

Episode 12: The village of Waterloo’s original western boundary

Episode 13: What is a watershed?

Episode 14: Critters at the Creek – Squirrels

Episode 15: Texas natives and biodiversity


Or, watch all the episodes back-to-back in the Creek Lessons Playlist: