Developer Donates $250,000 to Conservancy for Trail Improvements

January 13, 2016  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Shoal Creek Conservancy announces a $250,000 donation from Constructive Ventures, part of the development team behind The Independent. The donation will fund trail improvements along Shoal Creek between 2nd and 4th Streets. “The generosity of Constructive Ventures principals, Perry Lorenz and Larry Warshaw, is well known, but this sets a new standard. Shoal Creek Conservancy is excited to partner with the city staff and with them. This donation will help produce a great trail and public space,” said Joanna Wolaver, Executive Director, Shoal Creek Conservancy.

In addition, Constructive Ventures and the Austin Parks & Recreation Department have agreed to use Constructive Ventures required $240,500 parkland fee payment for Shoal Creek Trail improvements between 2nd and 4th Streets.

Shoal Creek Trail is already undergoing major improvements. Current projects from Lady Bird Lake to 28th Street will provide a significantly improved Shoal Creek Trail for all Austinites. Most of these projects will be completed in less than two years. Before this donation, the only trail segment from Lady Bird Lake to 28th Street without funding for improvements was from 2nd and 4th Streets.

The importance of this donation is magnified when reviewing the trail improvement work that is already taking place. Here are brief descriptions as well as links to more information about these projects:

From Lady Bird Lake to Second Street, the new central library project will completely restore Shoal Creek in this area with bank stabilization and trail restoration. New Central Library; 2nd Street/Butterfly Bridge

The Gap Project, part of the City’s Urban Trails Projects, will fill in the current gap in the Shoal Creek Trail that has existed since 1981 from 4th Street/West Avenue to Fifth Street. The project will also add lighting under the bridges, stream bank stabilization, removal of aging wastewater lines and a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting Rio Grande & 3rd Streets to the Shoal Creek Trail. Shoal Creek Gap Project: 4th/West to 5th St.

The Austin Public Works Department is beginning a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for Shoal Creek Trail improvements between 5th Street and 15th Street. A PER is the first step in a trail improvement project. This PER is funded by community benefit fees paid by Riverside Resources to build the 5th & West condominiums. Shoal Creek Conservancy and Riverside advocated that a portion of these fees ($320,000) be used to improve Shoal Creek Trail. The city staff agreed. PER funded by Riverside Resources community benefit fee payment

The City’s Shoal Creek Restoration Project will see major development between 15th Street and 28th Street, with new trail surfaces, stream bank stabilization, relocation of waste water lines, restoration of native habitat, and the addition of a rain meadow for storm water runoff. Restore School Creek: Trail, Creek & Park improvements-15th to 28th Street

“This strategic donation from Constructive Ventures will help us with a critical part of Shoal Creek Conservancy’s Trail Improvement Program. Our vision is a high quality trail from the headwaters of Shoal Creek near the Domain, to Lady Bird Lake. It can be a significant transportation as well as recreation asset,” said Ted Siff, Shoal Creek Conservancy board president.