First Phase of 6th Street Bridge Restoration Project Underway

September 1, 2015  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Fueled by funding from the Burdine Johnson Foundation and the Texas Preservation Trust Fund, Phase One of our West 6th Street Bridge restoration project will kick off on Sunday, September 13th with a laser scan of the 128-year-old structure. The scan data, obtained in collaboration with the Texas A&M Center for Heritage Conservation, will be used to develop a 3D model and inform the full restoration strategy.

The Conservancy has retained Sparks Engineering, a renowned local bridge restoration specialist, and Limbacher & Godfrey Architects to lead this assessment phase which also includes core sampling and a radar survey of the bridge deck. Work in this phase is expected to continue through November.

We continue to raise funds for the future phases of the project and if you would like to learn more about opportunities for support, please contact us. After an application by the Conservancy to the National Parks Service, the bridge was officially inducted in late 2014 onto the National Register of Historic Places. A plaque dedication ceremony followed on January 30, 2015 to celebrate the honor. The 6th Street Bridge is a treasure along Shoal Creek that can easily be missed, but is worthy of our attention. We’re excited to see this restoration project give it much-deserved TLC.