Landslide & Trail Closure Update

July 26, 2018  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

We’d like to share the latest update on the landslide along Shoal Creek between 24th and 29th Streets from the  City’s public meeting on July 19, 2018. Please note that the information below was provided by the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department. And if you’re out of the trail, please do remember to avoid the area as it is still unsafe.

Project Goals:

This work is being done on an emergency basis. There are four goals:

  1. Restore the streambank of Shoal Creek and its capacity to handle floodwaters in this area.
  2. Improve stability of the hill for the protection of public parkland, roadways and infrastructure.
  3. Restore the wastewater line under the damaged trail.
  4. Stabilize the hill to allow for phased trail replacement. The initial hill stabilization will serve as a first phase for providing trail connectivity.

Project Timeline:

The City is using a special type of contract, called “design-build,” to allow construction to begin as soon as possible. With design-build, plans are being developed and refined while construction occurs. Initial site clearing to obtain design data may begin as early as July 16, 2018. We anticipate it will take at least six months to complete this project, weather permitting. As with any construction project, there may be unexpected issues that could prolong the project.

Construction Impacts:

  • The Shoal Creek Greenbelt will be closed from 24th Street up to and including the parking lot on Shoal Creek Blvd. and the parking lot entrances on Lamar Blvd.
  • The detour of the Shoal Creek Trail will be expanded due to the closure of the greenbelt.
  • Vegetation, including trees, will be removed from the area damaged by the landslide. This is necessary both for construction access and to stabilize the terrain. We will be working out a revegetation plan during the design-build process.


Please contact Stephanie Lott, Public Information Specialist Senior, 512-974-2799 or [email protected] or visit our web page here.

Media Coverage:

July 19, 2018 – Austin American Statesman, City engineer: Shoal Creek landslide repairs to take until early 2019