#Stewards4Shoal: Fertilizer Effects

July 15, 2020  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Many residents in Austin and within the Shoal Creek watershed take pride in their gardens and lush, green lawns which are often grown with the use of fertilizers. Fertilizers supply plants with nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium which increases soil fertility and encourages plant growth. One cause of pollution in the Shoal Creek watershed comes from the over-application of fertilizer which leads to an excess of nutrients in the creek, causing potential problems for aquatic life. But, as a watershed neighbor, there are ways you can help!

Learn more in our Fertilizers PSA which supports the #Stewards4Shoal campaign to raise awareness about the challenges facing Shoal Creek and encourages local action to preserve the Shoal Creek Watershed. The #Stewards4Shoal campaign is part of a multi-year project to develop a Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan, which will serve as a guide for community, non-profit, and local government groups and facilitate actively working towards improving water quality in Shoal Creek.


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