Mar 07

#PhotoFriday: Eeyore’s Birthday at Pease Park

  This #PhotoFriday snap comes by way of Ted Lee Eubanks and his 2011 visit to Eeyore’s Birthday Party at Pease Park. There may be no better exuberant display of Austin’s lovable eccentricity than right here at this annual celebration. Fun fact:…Read More

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Feb 08

A City of Few Fountains

Great cities have great public spaces. Great public spaces often have great fountains. Where are Austin’s?

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Feb 01

Austin’s Heritage and Transformation

Austin began with Shoal Creek sitting on the sidelines. Edwin Waller adopted Shoal Creek as the western edge of the new city, and his to-be namesake as the eastern boundary. Congress Avenue became the centerline. No longer. The city sprawls past these edges into the white-rocked and cedar-treed hinterlands. Like most cities, it has both heritage and been transformed.

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Jan 21

Great Cities, Great Spaces

Austin’s lakeshore consciousness is still evolving. We are only now raising the public’s awareness of Shoal Creek as a public space. Waller Creek and Lady Bird Lake are two additional examples of public spaces that are only now attracting a level of interest and support that is necessary for them, too, to become great public spaces.

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Nov 15

Shoal Creek at the EAST Studio Tour

  Love Ted Eubanks’ images of Shoal Creek? Join us the “Austin’s Thin Green Line” show at the EAST Studio Tour on Saturday, November 16 & 23 and Sunday, November 17 & 24 from 11 to 6 at the Austin…Read More

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