Apr 18

Blood Moon and Life Renewed

Seasonal changes connect us all, past and present.

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Jan 07

The Polar Vortex, or A Reminder Why We Love Austin

This morning I wandered down to Lady Bird Lake to see the polar vortex in person. The temperature at lakeside hovered around 25 degrees. Only a few die hards were jogging the trails. Once you become acclimated to Austin, your taste for cold weather mysteriously fades away.

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Oct 16

Shoaling in Shoal Creek

Shoal Creek is well named. There are shoals within the stream bed its entire length. The shoals restrict the water flow and force the creek into a narrow channel. Obstructions and constrictions may be found the entire length of Shoal Creek. Not all of these are detrimental. Implementing the best stormwater management practices is key for healthy detention and retention.

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