Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People, signing and discussion with David Todd and Jonathan Ogren!

June 16, 2016  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

You’re invited to join Shoal Creek Conservancy for an fascinating and relevant book event! David Todd and Jonathan Ogren, co-authors of Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People, will be at BookPeople in downtown Austin to give a talk and a book signing on Thursday July, 7 at 7 p.m. Ted Siff, the President of the Board of the Shoal Creek Conservancy will be introducing Todd and Ogren.

Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People is an “accessible, highly visual approach to understanding the conservation challenges” faced by the state of Texas. The book offers an examination of conservation and ecology in Texas, as well as environmental issues experienced by the entire state. The book was created over five years using data from 170 different agencies, universities, non-profits, and individual researchers and features 300 full-color, high resolution maps and 100 charts, drawings, and historic photographs. From bison and brown pelicans to billboards, Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People discusses the various environmental and conservation issues in Texas today.

David Todd is the executive director of the Conservation History Association of Texas. He has served as an environmental attorney, cattle rancher, green donor, and was the co-author of Texas Legacy Project: Studies of Courage and Conservation.

Jonathan Ogren is the founder of Siglo Group, a land planning and environmental assessment firm, and teaches courses on geographic information systems and cartography at The University of Texas at Austin.

Come join us at BookPeople and enjoy an informative discussion on conservation and the environmental challenges that Texas faces. The event is free and open to the public! For more information, visit the event site.