The Grove on Shoal Creek Project

September 14, 2016  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

AUSTIN, TX- Shoal Creek Conservancy (SCC) has issued a statement regarding its stance on The Grove on Shoal Creek project, located at Bull Creek Road and 45th Street. Each public position or comment taken and/or made by SCC is consistent with SCC’s goals, available here. SCC may raise concerns or objections to ensure that a project is compatible with these goals. Our position and public statements regarding The Grove are and will continue to be consistent with this policy.

There are a number of areas where The Grove at Shoal Creek is compatible with SCC’s goals. However, there are three areas where SCC continues to have concerns: the location of the proposed pedestrian bridge, dedicated parkland, and stormwater management. These concerns are described in the attached document, available here.

Please contact SCC Executive Director Joanna Wolaver at or SCC Board President Ted Siff at [email protected] or 512-474-2412 with any questions.