Trail Testers Wanted!

May 5, 2021  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

Help create a new Shoal Creek Trail Connection!

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) is piloting a new facility to connect the Shoal Creek Trail from 31st-34th Street! Your input is needed to ensure a trail connection that is safe and comfortable for people of all ages and all abilities.

The proposed facility is an in-street shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians that transitions to an off-street urban trail as the pathway approaches 34th Street. The goal is to create a continuous connection between the 31st Street trailhead and the crossing at 34th Street & Shoal Creek Blvd. The pilot opened on Monday, May 3 and will be active for the next 8 weeks. Get the details from ATD here.

The pilot facility in action.


We encourage the Shoal Creek community to test out the pilot facility in person and provide feedback to ATD through this survey. In order to create a trail connection that serves people of all ages and abilities and aligns with the vision of the Shoal Creek Trail PlanSCC supports the following improvements to this portion of the Shoal Creek corridor:

  • Create an ADA accessible trail connection by implementing the proposed shared use path and off-street urban trail
  • Protect trail users by separating the shared use path from car lanes: situate posts at an interval that will prevent cars from entering and obstructing the shared use path
  • Protect trail users by slowing car speeds
  • Provide a safer crossing at 34th & Shoal Creek Blvd by installing a new all-way stop

Share input on the 31st-34th Street pilot


Map and Images by Austin Transportation Department