Parks in the Shoal Creek Watershed

June 12, 2023  | By Shoal Creek Conservancy

The Shoal Creek Trail is Austin’s oldest hike-and-bike trail and an early example of a linear park system whose innovative urban green space design has been replicated elsewhere in the country. Most people familiar with north central Austin are probably aware of at least one of the major parks along Shoal Creek, but there are numerous other wonderful parks within the Shoal Creek watershed worth exploring.


Parks located directly along Shoal Creek, from North to South

Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park (7000 Ardath Street)

Large, popular park with a baseball field, tennis and basketball courts, a playground, pond, and municipal swimming pool, and the Great Northern Dam Off Leash Dog Area just on the other side of Shoal Creek Blvd at 7001 Great Northern Blvd. The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) adopted a Vision Plan in 2022 to guide future development in the park, including renovation of the aquatic facilities.

Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park. Image from Austin PARD 2022 Park Vision Plan.


Gregg Hill Pocket Park (4105 Jefferson Street)

Gregg Hill Pocket Park, Fall 2022

“During the Memorial Day weekend of 1981, Austin experienced a devastating flood. The banks of Shoal Creek quickly overflowed as 10 inches of rain fell within 24 hours on already saturated soil. Thirteen people lost their lives, nineteen families lost their homes, and countless business were destroyed.” Among the hardest hit areas were two blocks of houses on Jefferson Street, where a woman and her grown son perished in the flood waters. Following the flood, the City of Austin allocated funds to purchase the damaged homes along a section of Jefferson Street in order to demolish the structures, widen the creek channel to carry more floodwaters, and prevent future construction on that land. Years later, the city converted this area within the Ridgelea neighborhood into a green space with serene walking trails and places to rest and reflect.

Seiders Springs Park (1380 W 34th Street)

Tree-filled park bisected by 34th Street with historic Seiders Springs north of 34th and a gazebo and outdoor classroom shaded by large live oak trees south of 34th Street. For a brief history of Seiders Springs listen to Stop 1 of the Shoal Creek Audio Walking Tour.

Seiders Springs Park Outdoor Classroom, June 2023


Pease District Park (1100 Kingsbury Street)

Austin’s first public park, this 84-acre green space, now home to exceptional amenities and events, is beautifully restored, enhanced, and maintained by Pease Park Conservancy.


Duncan Neighborhood Park (900 W 9th Street)

An open green space with picturesque skyline views in the heart of downtown Austin, with a dynamic BMX park and tranquil Deep Roots community garden located just on the other side of 9th street. The City of Austin is implementing significant improvements to Duncan Park from May 2023 until early 2024 including a new park loop trail, native plantings, new picnic tables, trash cans and recycling bins, water fountains, lights, restoration of the wetland with an overlook and a terrace of limestone block seats overlooking the beloved multi-use field.

Duncan Park, Fall 2022


Shoal Beach at Town Lake Metropolitan Park (707 W Cesar Chaves Street)

Where the Shoal Creek Trail intersects with the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at the mouth of Shoal Creek is a green space right on the water’s edge to enjoy lake and skyline views.

Shoal Beach at Town Lake Metropolitan Park


Parks located within the Shoal Creek watershed but not directly on Shoal Creek, from North to South

Pillow School Park (8500 Rockwood Lane)

Park with multi-use field, multiple play areas, covered basketball court and a recent project in 2022 which added an outdoor classroom, trails, and a wildflower meadow to further connect children and the community with nature, as does the North Shoal Creek Community Garden located on the same school grounds. Because the park is attached to Pillow Elementary School there is no public access to the park during school days.


Wooten Neighborhood Park (1500 Dale Drive)

Located next to Wooten Elementary School, this lively neighborhood park has a large, open multi-use field, walking trail, covered basketball court containing interactive art and games on the paved surface, and a playground where a new playscape was installed in 2019.

Wooten Neighborhood Park painted U.S. map located near basketball court. Photo by Clairissa Simmons, 2019.


Lucy Read School Park (7509 Silvercrest Drive)

Attached to the Rosedale School, site of the former Lucy Read Pre-K Center, this park is well-manicured with a multi-use field, covered basketball court, play areas, and a walking trail, but there is no public access to the park during school days.


Loewy Family Playground (7022 Hart Lane)

Located next to Murchison Pool and Murchison Community Garden, the Loewy Family Playground is a well-designed play area with multiple structures for all ages.


Brentwood Neighborhood Park (6710 Arroyo Seco)

Serving the Brentwood neighborhood and beyond, this large, popular green space has a multi-use field, playground, tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court, baseball field, and a swimming pool and is a favorite gathering place for neighborhood community events.


Hall/Goodnight Planting Strip (6305 Hall Street)

An official 1.2-acre Austin park comprised of a stormwater basin, which feeds into the eastern tributary of Shoal Creek, known as both Hancock Creek and Arroyo Seco or Dry Creek, and wild vegetation to limit impervious cover and assist with runoff management and soil erosion, it’s also nice for a short, shaded nature walk.


Gullett School Park (3105 Hunt Trail)

Attached to Gullett Elementary School, this park features a multi-use field, multiple play areas and structures, a covered basketball court, and neighbors the Northwest Little League baseball fields, but there is no public access to the park during school days.


Allen Park (6413 Westside Drive)

A Travis County Park, Allen Park consists of a limestone plateau covered by a Juniper and Oak woodland and small, semi-open grassland dotted with blooming cacti or wildflowers depending on the season. Mainly used for nature hiking, the park features panoramic city views.

Allen Park, A Travis County Park, welcome sign. Photo by Morgan Skidmore.


Woodrow Pocket Park (5809 Woodrow Avenue)

A natural setting to contrast with the adjacent busy roadway, Woodrow Pocket Park has a walking path, a nature play area, a shaded seating area, and an off-street connection to McCallum High school.


Theckla Button Park (5613 Joe Sayers)

In January 2021, Theckla Button Park, along with three others, was acquired by PARD through the 2018 Bond and Parkland Dedication to provide shared recreation space within walking distance for residents. The park includes a large pecan tree that will be preserved as the space is developed.


The Grove Signature Park (4511 Lacey Cup Drive)

Green space within The Grove mixed-use development, with the Public Parks Master Plan approved by PARD in 2019, containing trails, a playground, and a large pond. A trail connection to Shoal Creek Blvd is expected to be completed in early 2024.


Ramsey Neighborhood Park (4301 Rosedale Avenue)

Located in the heart of the Rosedale neighborhood, Ramsey park, with its long and interesting history, is a sizable and popular green space with a multi-use field, multiple play areas and play structures for all ages, tennis courts, covered basketball court, baseball field, and a swimming pool and is a frequent gathering place for neighborhood community events.

Ramsey Neighborhood Park playground. Photo by Emily Myers, 2023.


Bailey Neighborhood Park (1101 W 33rd Street)

Once part of a neighborhood, but now bordered by St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Ascension Seton Medical Center, and office buildings, this park offers a multi-use field, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, and a splash pad.

Bailey Neighborhood Park splash pad. Photo by Eric Boone, 2017.


Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss BMX Skate Park (1213 Shoal Creek Blvd)

Located on the site of the old Austin Recreation Center at House Park, which flooded during the historic 1981 Memorial Day Flood and was demolished in the late 2000s, this property was re-envisioned as a BMX and Skate Park designed with all skill levels in mind.


Wooldridge Square (900 Guadalupe Street)

One of four public squares designated in the original plan for Austin in 1839 by Edwin Waller, Wooldridge Square, the Historical Marker re-dedicated May 12, 2023 with support from City leaders and Friends of Wooldridge Square, is home to a bandstand that has been used for political rallies, concerts, and celebrations for over 100 years.


Wood Street Settlement Button Park (702 Wood Street)

The Wood Street Settlement is a unique historic site located in downtown Austin and was granted an Undertold Marker in 2016 through efforts by Shoal Creek Conservancy and a team of volunteers. In 2020, the City of Austin acquired and dedicated the park land to allow for future historical and cultural programming and to expand access to Shoal Creek.


Republic Square (422 Guadalupe Street)

One of four public squares designated in the original plan for Austin in 1839 by Edwin Waller, historic Republic Square was redeveloped and reopened in 2017 as an active, urban green space in downtown Austin.

Republic Square Park event. Photo by Joyce Carter, 2021.


Have fun discovering some new favorites!