Oct 23

The Many Faces (And Facets) of Flooding

Flooding of Shoal Creek is not solely an issue of rainfall quantity or ferocity of storm.

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Oct 15

A Suspect Name?

Could the shoals of Shoal Creek be causing its flooding?

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Jul 13

Artist in Residence: Erika Huddleston

This summer, Shoal Creek Conservancy welcomes its very own artist in residence, Erika Huddleston. Erika is an artist with a background in landscape architecture and is currently working on a series of large oil paintings along Shoal Creek. While Erika was…Read More

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Oct 16

After the Rains

This blog post was written by Ted Lee Eubanks. To learn more about the author, please visit this site. We have rain; not just a sprinkle, or a  mist, or a drizzle, but a frog-throttling rain. Here are a few…Read More

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