Oct 01

Vegetative Trash Trap Forms at the Mouth of Shoal Creek

The city traps trash at the mouth of Shoal Creek, in theory, to keep it out of Lady Bird Lake and in a spot where it is easier to collect. But a native aquatic plant, recently established in the area, is doing most of the work for the city, for better or for worse.

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Sep 03

Shedding Light on The Drake Bridge

Illuminating the history of, and bringing better visibility (literally) to, Austin’s high profile Drake Bridge.

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Aug 12

Creek Lake River Gulf

Shoal Creek is a tributary of Lady Bird Lake and the Colorado River, which is connected to the Gulf of Mexico. The Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake, including the new boardwalk, allows the people of Austin to connect to the natural heritage of our region through the public lands that line the lake.

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Feb 02

No Quack, No Waddle, No Duck

If a bird waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, right? Not every bird paddling around Lady Bird Lake or Shoal Creek quacks or waddles, though. If a waterbird isn’t a duck, what is it?

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Jan 21

Great Cities, Great Spaces

Austin’s lakeshore consciousness is still evolving. We are only now raising the public’s awareness of Shoal Creek as a public space. Waller Creek and Lady Bird Lake are two additional examples of public spaces that are only now attracting a level of interest and support that is necessary for them, too, to become great public spaces.

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