Jan 16

Nerding Out on the Hydrograph

What’s a hydrograph and why does it matter for watershed management? We unpack it all here.

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Oct 23

The Many Faces (And Facets) of Flooding

Flooding of Shoal Creek is not solely an issue of rainfall quantity or ferocity of storm.

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Oct 20

Diving Deeper into Water Management

We are very pleased to announce Andy Sobchak will be guest blogging this fall, covering all topics related to water management. Andy is a water resources engineer, writer and photographer and has worked on water projects in the United States,…Read More

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Jul 18

Austin: A City of Water Extremes

Depending on who you ask, many experts believe the drought in Central Texas is over. Data from the US Drought Monitor in July (illustrated above) suggests conditions in Travis County have returned to normal after years of “extreme” dryness. The…Read More

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May 29

City Reviving Shoal Creek Tunnel Conversation

As the Statesman’s Marty Toohey reported yesterday, the City, in the wake of the Memorial Day floods, is once again eyeing the idea of a Shoal Creek flood control tunnel which would redirect floodwaters under Lamar Boulevard to Lady Bird Lake instead of overland and through the commercial district south of House Park.

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